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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

the peace garden state

today we logged 530 miles in 10 and a half hours on the road.

in stopping every 18 minutes to stream urine, my ass couched on more rest stop toilet seats than in the suv bucket seat...

"the kid" is alive and well and peeing in north dakota...

[and for the record, north dakota is b-o-r-i-n-g.]

we were supposed to park it in dickinson, n.d., where i could hit up an 8 pm aa meeting; but every hotel room was booked, save "the jacuzzi suite" at "the comfort inn". ah, as much as i am enjoying rekindling the romance with uberhubby, i couldn't imagine finding comfort in any tub they might offer...

there are just some motels that scream "enter room at own risk: beware the bodily fluids that flowed before ye..."

according to the blond with black roots manning the la quinta desk here in bismarck, she won't even get out of her car in dickison. it's that nasty. apparently "dere's oil up in dem der parts" and lots of temporary workers clog up the hotels...and appartently the jacuzzis...

i had a moment today, couching ass, at a flying j gas center.

[sure. go ahead. insert toilet humor here.]

i hadn't eaten much and my stomach and intestines were running on empty. anticipation hammered my insides, rattling the floorboards of my sober foundation. a handful of pills would jolt and smoothly cruise unattended throughout my bloodstream without the interference of food, sky rocketing me past afternoon, into evening delight.

[or in other words, god, a bunch of percocet would feel awesome right now...]

"do you really think that way?" he sighed.

"every day" she sighed back.

"tell me if you don't want to hear all the sordid stuff", she warned.

"of course i do, sweetheart", he assured.

but today, maggie met a friend name "boots", in billings, montana...

and tonight, i am shaking in mine...

for despite best laid plans, i couldn't make a meeting...

but uberhubby and i have only had one tiff, that lasted maybe half an hour, that we've already laughed about with a friend. one tiff in 8 days.

[it's a fucking miracle.]

and when i called my sponsor tonight, she called me a light. a wonderful, willing light.

and if i'm a wonderful willing light, then together, k and i are a set of wonderful, willing headlights...

...somewhere in north dakota...

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