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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

how to feel 100 years old...





i can't talk about the family session that left us more lost than found...

i can't talk about my secret fantasy for heroin, and being pissed that we never hooked up...

i can't talk about tripping over a loose tomato, because i needed to run out of pavilion's so quickly; sensing the holiday liquor displays were going to tackle me to the ground, spread me four-fold and force-guzzle large quantities of absolut down my throat...

i can't talk about my heartbreaking disappointment that my immunosuppressants weren't lowered today...

and i can't talk about how tired i am, he is, we are...spent. broken. unhappy.

dictionary definition of EXHAUSTED: tired, drained, fatigued, weary, consumed, finished, depleted.

our definition: ADDICTION in MARRIAGE (a.k.a. how to feel 100 years old...)

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