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Saturday, August 23, 2008

Thank You for the Music...

For me, there is nothing like the thrill of music...

If I ever was interviewed by "The Actors Studio" host James Lipton, I would have great ease in answering the question "What turns you on?"...


It invigorates me, exhilarates me, often keeps me company and is the absolute soundtrack to my life. Lyrics inspire me, melodies and orchestration fulfill me, and in its unfolding, I find friends, comfort...

And so, if you would indulge me, I would love to share my top 10 albums of all time. This was no easy task, but I wanted to identify those albums that I play endlessly. The ones that hold great sentimental value for me. And the ones that I hold dearest to my heart.

I cheated just a wee bit. I narrowed it down to 11. Hey, it was tough...

But, for better or for worse, here they are...

U2 - Achtung Baby
U2 - The Joshua Tree
Ryan Adams - Gold
The Killers - Sam's Town
The Killers - Hot Fuss
Coldplay - Viva la Vida!
Emmylou Harris - Red Dirt Girl
Duran Duran - Rio
Tears for Fears - The Hurting
Alanis Morrissette - Jagged Little Pill
Jann Arden - Living Under June

And here's the thing...

I'm always looking to be inspired.

If you feel inclined to indulge me; I would LOVE to hear what moves you as well. What are your picks? And don't censor yourselves! "Yanni's Greatest Hits" could also strike a chord...(although, admittedly, I feel ambivalent about that statement...)

But I know new music will only help me keep me quite joyous...so thank you in advance.


Do you dare?...


  1. dare i dare - well here it goes...
    (well U2 is cover by you though I must say Boy and October were a great sound tracks for me)... I'll narrow it down to the english speaking world... (cheating I know).
    1. Radiohead - Kid A (the concert was amazing beyond words!!!)
    2. Leonard Cohen - all of them (any time after 5pm is a good for this music, sunset is optinal)
    3. Fleetwood Mac - Roumers (our household album of all times we never stopped dancing to this one - all of us have at least 2 copies lying around in the house and car - not copied all paid for!!!)
    4. Bjork (winter driving)
    5. Tori Amos - Crucify (I was a teenager once)
    6. Madelein Peyroux (a Jonathan find a great and fruity one)
    7. Nora Jones (corny I know but sweet)
    8. Eurythmics - Talking to an Angel (my parents loved them and I still do)
    9. The Doors (great summer memories with Jonathan and his pack, Siani desert mountains)
    10. St. Germain (my work inspiration music full of energy)
    11. (hey you did it) Faithless - run, dance one of the best concerts ever - on the beach of Tel-Aviv...
    I think this is a good array of music all of them have deep connections to different times in my life - some acctually are soundtracks for spsific hours of the day - I totally get you when it comes to music nothing can compare to it... I hate the fact I can't carry a tune or fiddle around on the paino... but hey boy can I dance!!! I love this idea you need to post all of the lists and compile a Henny Music Box! This list made my day! Thank you!

  2. The hardest question ever... to narrow down my love of music to ten albums. Today here is what I would choose, in no particular order:

    1. Radiohead - OK Computer
    2. Snow Patrol - Eyes Open
    3. Beck - Sea Change
    4. State Shirt - This is old (coming nov. 11)
    5. Ours - Distorted Lullabies
    6. Vega4 - Satellite
    7. Remy Zero - Villa Elaine
    8. Nine Inch Nails - Downward Spiral
    9. Crowded House - Crowded House
    10. Erasure - Innocents

    I'm going to go with that list for now. :)

  3. Not sure who "nurblvr" is, but I'm thinking with BECK and State Shirt it might be Angela/Ethan!!!! :-)

  4. love kid a, U2, tori amos and rumours! h xo