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Friday, August 1, 2008

You are currently on hold...

So my "big" meeting today was postponed...and that's not such a bad thing.....

Apparently, I am not currently sick enough to warrant an evaluation. Although the fact that Kevin wants to be a living donor would have qualified me to come in, we chose to wait and see. Your creatinine needs to be in the mid 3's before the team can place you on the national list; and I'm not quite there yet. My result in Toronto was 3.1, but the result last week was 2.8. A decline deeply celebrated!

And so I have hope. Maybe the increase in my meds will preserve this kidney for some time. Or maybe I will spike in 3 months. The waiting truly is the hardest part.

The upside is I have learned so much from the Cedars pamphlet I received. There is much to share with you all, which I will disperse in small doses. I have to admit, however, signing the power of attorney forms was intense...

But today I feel blessed. Life is still good. I sleep more than normal and have chronic headaches. I've also lost a lot of weight since November when I was 129 (chunky bits!). I am currently 112, but I'm sure stress has contributed to that. Complicated times, indeed.

And so I try to enjoy the details; the precious moments that we glaze over. These are the times most joyous. And I have renewed vigor and vibrancy.

Have fun. Love those most dear to you. And celebrate the small things.....

I know I will.....

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