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Thursday, December 3, 2009

smile like you mean it

it's no secret that i love "the killers".

ecstasy. transportation.

i've seen them in concert 9 times; every time unique. in toronto, my bestest pal k. proudly presented me with a drumstick. i remain in awe as to how she conquered the crazy canucks. battered stick in hand, i promptly burst into tears. oh, how i can gush. an amazing moment. my heart overflowing with so much more than just a concert.

my love for concerts goes back farther than i would care to admit.

is music the universal equalizer? or is that pain?

i am familiar with both.

my first concert was at age 8. the Osmonds. [yes, i was obsessed with donny's purple socks]. ABBA. the only concert they played in toronto. and then pat benatar.

she rocked my world. amazing. exhilarating. powerful.

a role model, indeed. and then i was obsessed with concerts in high school.

"you don't drink, don't smoke, what do you do?"

concerts leave me spent. a high like no other. meeting friends, sharing joy and embracing a shared love. music transcendent.

i do experience joy. it provides me with happiness, contentment and satisfaction. perhaps it's lame, but i'll take any gift offered to me.

and as for the "killers", well, they fill me up. make me happy. and that fuels my soul.

and so i'll take it.

and when i do, i smile like i mean it.

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