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Friday, December 18, 2009

miracle on 3rd street

i'm so confused.

my creatinine was 2.2 (normal range 0.5-1.4); down from 2.9/3.3.

but, my BUN was 52 (normal range 7-20)

"BUN is a marker for other nitrogenous waste. Thus, when renal failure leads to a buildup of urea and other nitrogenous wastes (uremia), an individual may suffer neurological disturbances such as altered cognitive function (encephalopathy), impaired taste (dysgeusia) or loss of appetite (anorexia). The individual may also suffer from nausea and vomiting, or bleeding from dysfunctional platelets."

my iron was normal.

my thyroid was normal.

yes, i feel like shit, but this kidney is hanging in there, despite all the side effects.

yes. i have certain challenges; adversity, catastrophic.

but, there was a gasp of happiness.

oh, yes, i'll take this miracle.

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