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Friday, May 8, 2009


I recently saw Natalie Cole on CNN speaking about her need for a kidney transplant. Curious, I tuned in and was duly disappointed.

There she was, at age 59, made up, glowing and adorned in a strapless, emerald gown. Not the picture of chronic illness to be certain. She was perky, animated and energetic. Disappointment filled my heart.

As a celebrity, I expected more from her. Her facts were vague and her attitude was too perky.

And then I realized that she had two agendas...

As I reminded Kevin, Natalie still has her kidneys (even though she is on dialysis), therefore she is less susceptible to infection as I have a transplant and am on many meds. And so she doesn't get sick the way I do.

In addition, I realized that she is now on tour and I suspect she doesn't want fans to worry that she will cancel. I realized there is so much misinformation about kidney transplants. Even Larry King thought she was in a life or death situation.


What annoyed me more than anything was her blaze attitude towards dialysis. Yeah, I would love dialysis in Milan, Indonesia etc...but my experience was horrendous. Even George Lopez admitted as much. Again, I think she was playing her situation down, and I feel like that was immensely irresponsible.

And so I encourage everyone to educate themselves on this issue. Please become a donor. It takes but just a minute.

Hey, I love dressing up with the best of them, but shimmering on TV is no way to shine a light on chronic illness...

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