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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Be an organ donor...in B.C. and Manitoba, Canada.

Better I let the pros do the talking on this one...

British Columbia:

To legally express your wishes regarding organ or tissue donor in British Columbia, please record your decision with the organ donor registry. Online registration is available through the British Columbia Transplant Society website, https://www.transplant.bc.ca/onlinereg/bcts.asp

For further information please call 1-800-663-6189.


If you wish to donate organ(s) or tissue after death, complete the attached donor card and keep it with your Manitoba Health Registration Certificate (health card) so it is visible for law enforcement and hospital officials.

It is extremely important to discuss your decision with your family to ensure your wishes are fulfilled.

THIS IS THE LINK: http://www.gov.mb.ca/health/donor.html (for the printable card).

If you require further information regarding organ and tissue donation, please contact Transplant Manitoba at (204) 787-1897 or visit their website at www.transplantmanitoba.ca.

This is the greatest gift you will ever give someone. It's still the greatest gift I ever received, although my U2 IPOD was a close second...

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