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Thursday, November 24, 2011

they tried to make me go rehab (i said no, no no)

twenty two hydrocodone, chased by two glasses red,
her tolerance astounding, her soul dark, flirting dead.

a very yankee thanksgiving, rehab, west hollywood glitz,

away from hubby, and friendship, love's delicate mist.

see her hobbling around, dragging anchors of pain,

trailing transplants and memories, a disease she must claim.

searching skyward, knees bent, pungent earth touches heart,

it hurts constant, so throbbing, to touch, near or far.

but when she bathes in the gray, the pebbles scrape her to clean,

stakes her grounded, in present, gray grit that makes gleam.

black, you shade all, bright white, you blind truth,

let me marinate gray, every day, ah, blissful ignorance youth.

today she's with misfits, not morally sick,

just strangers in (the) night, who love deeply, true, quick.

so grateful for them, for love and for this,

so grateful for willing, open, committed to "yes".

["i said, yes, yes, yes"]

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