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Sunday, November 6, 2011

easy like sunday morning

there is something remarkable that happens when that door shuts and the gavel pounds twice.

between 4 unadorned walls a roomful of eclectics sit, shifting and sipping.

but when the meeting starts, an aura drifts down blanketing the crowd below.


in my first 30 days, i still do the newcomer bop; standing quickly, eyes shifted downward as i quickly blurt, "henriette, alcoholic, addict"...

"hi henriette".

done. i am accepted.

judgement doesn't squat here.

demons spill forth after the first handshake. laughter flows freely, like a sandbag removed from a dam.

[suppressing laughter of our ridiculousness would lead to emotional implosion]

building my foundation is hard. they wipe the sweat from my brow. interior designing my foundation.

and for an hour, i know i am a picture perfect person.

easy like sunday morning...

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