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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

the calm before the calm

tonight there's a warning out in southern california.

hurricane force winds may be touching down, but for the first time in forever and a sigh, i find myself very still inside the storm's eye.

tomorrow, i may be violently twisting off the walls, leveled.
tomorrow, tears may spatter a crumpled, puffy, apple-cheeked face.
and tomorrow, my taut, vibrating chest may whiplash my heart.

but, tonight.

tonight, i sail on glass waters, gentle lapping up on this battered frame...
tonight, a beam pours down, drenching, cleansing, humid and hot...
and tonight, the wind's pitched screams are silent, glorious mute...

and it seems safe to move.

[too scared to try, but it's too good not to...]

and so i turn my face back into the storm.

and carry on.

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