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Thursday, April 7, 2011

rules of engagement pt.3 (the final installment)

09:00 hrs: hubby guzzles liquid laxatives...mmm...too delish...

[better than a grande, half-caf, decaf, non-fat, non-whip, cappuccino, frappucino, espresso, any day of the week...]

13:30 hrs: LAST, arctic dialysis!...

14:30 hrs: sister-in-love and magical m arrive from LAX

15:00-18:00 hrs: hennybird, jones-ing for post dialysis nap, crashes hard.

18:01 hrs: hennybird slides down stairs on bum. (yes, i'm canadian). comedy ensues.

20:00 hrs. m discovers canadian sour jubjubes. (we've created a monster...)

21:00 hrs. a toast to the future. a toast to new life...

[love story]


there are no words to describe the love and support kevin and i have felt.

to say thank you, is inadequate. but, thank you...

to quote my father's favorite band..."all you need is love"...

[and maybe a working kidney...]


  1. PEACE!
    joanne M!

  2. Sending all good thoughts and prayers!!!
    Terri Strum

  3. Heard all went very well and we're praying for a quick recovery for you both!

    III's Oma and Grandpa, the Heitritters