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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

rules of engagement pt.1


tuesday april 5th @ 10:30 hrs:

second to last dialysi (my favorite plural) commences. tubes enthusiastically sucked raw, rivaling the commitment of a latched newborn; suckling nipples fried and dried...

13:30 hrs: dialysis completed. i leave weak, with a headache and a heart sizzling like a shrimp on the barbie.

14:00 hrs: my tubes begin to throb with pain. my hand clutches the area protectively, as i bend head between knees and breathe.

14:10 hrs: uberhubby revs up our hottt rental and we escape cedars-sinai in style...

[although all i saw was the floor mat, but that looked pretty cool.]

20:00 hrs: finally home after the picking up of ghetto wagon, return of dope mustang and grocery pit stop.

[and, i'm dead.]

21:00 hrs: final packing, vacuuming, laundry, dishes, bill paying, and necessary chores of the most mundane, tackled.

[packing up for cedars, ain't nothing like stuffing case for maui, my friends.]

23:00 hrs: hysterical "hen-tal"breakdown. ugly cry flows wild and free. hubby-hugs enwrap. calm ensues.

24:00 hrs: final sleep with ms. maggie may mcintyre. snuggling of said hound will be banned for at least a month.

[and i assume that means french kissing, too.]

heart throbs, pings, and pangs in sync with my permacath, as i gaze into the eyes of my devoted companion in illness.

STEP TWO: wednesday april 6th:

to be continued...

[rules of engagement pt. 2]

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