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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

rules of engagement pt.2

31 HOURS TO MIDNIGHT...(a.k.a. 4/8/11 @ 05:15 hrs.)

14:00 hrs. locked up house. packed up car. sighed a sentimental breath.

[man's best friend]

["every time we say goodbye, i die a little..."]

[love means never haven't to say you're sorry...just thanks for the kidney, dude!]

15:00 hrs. dropped ms. may at the house of sass and generosity (a.k.a. the rasmussens)

[no man is a failure who has friends!]

17:00 hrs. checked into, kevin and sister-in-love, kim's, home away from home while i frolic the hallways of cedars...

[what? no mural of betty ford?]

[TEAM KIDNEY!!!]                                                                              

21:00 hrs. kevin's last supper

and when morning breaks...he's willing to poop all the live long day...

...for me...

[my husband. my hero.]

rules of engagement pt.3...

[final installment tomorrow]


  1. bring it!
    <3 u's guys
    joanne mcmahon

  2. hugs to the both of you on this night!!...