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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

you know your husband loves you when...



Int. Hospital room. Night.

A WOMAN in her early 40's, despite looking remarkably young for her age, writhes in agony on the bed. Cold compress on her head; hands clutched tightly over her belly. ROSA, late 50's, filipino and fabulous, counts out several pills into a plastic cup. UBERHUSBAND, late 30's, handsome, yet clearly stressed out, hovers anxiously nearby.

ROSA: Here you go, honey. Your night pills. Cyclosporin, Cell Cept, Norvasc, Zanaflex, Sodium Bicarbonate and Nortriptiline.

WOMAN: I don't know. (groaning) I think I might throw up.

ROSA: Small sips of water. Just one at a time.

The WOMAN cautiously sits up, reaches into the cup, and begins to swallow her pills.

UBERHUSBAND: So when does she get her next IV drip of DHE?

ROSA checks the computer.

ROSA: Not until midnigh...

The WOMAN frantically grabs the nearby bucket and proceeds to HEAVE HO.

WOMAN:BLLLAAARRRRRGGGHHHHHaaaaahhhhhh.....(sputter. sputter.)

ROSA: Are you OK, honey?

WOMAN: (catching her breath) Yeah, I think that was...BLLLLLAAAAARRRGGGGHHHaaaahhhhhhh..(cough. sputter. cough. sputter.) it.

ROSA and UBERHUSBAND stand at the end of the bed, both holding onto the bucket, intensely inspecting its contents.

ROSA: OK. Did she swallow the cyclosporin?

UBERHUSBAND: (peering intently at the vomit). Well, this one is Cell Cept, for sure.

ROSA: What about this one here?

UBERHUSBAND: No, Cyclosporin is more like a gel capsule.

ROSA: And what about this red stuff?

UBERHUSBAND: Nah, that's just the tomato soup she had for lunch.

You know your husband loves you when.


  1. When they say love is a verb..well he is that, sint he? Glad to see you are writing :)

  2. Thinking of you every day.

  3. Hope you update soon..thinking about you!