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Thursday, November 19, 2009

waiting for a star to fall...

i am a drug addict.

i wrote about this a year ago and comments abounded.

but, nothing has changed. contact brings silence...they never ask; when what i crave is support, help. understanding.

i am weak. desperate. and lost.

but is it up to my friends? no. it's up to me.

yes, there are therapists. but the brunt of the work is mine.

and with these headaches; this apathy; i often turn to the one thing that will briefly ease my pain.

no, it's not a long term solution; but for a few days, i forget about my world.

i hate the world i inhabit. am i my father's daughter? perhaps.

and perhaps it's the only way i can connect with him.

he was weak, lost and desperate, too.

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