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Wednesday, November 18, 2009


maybe i'm unfair. intolerant and impatient. but i must confess that a fire often fills my veins along this road...

i have a blog. i have facebook. and over the last (almost) 2 years, i have informed many as to my condition. people throw such vague comments my way. casual. unspecific. and callous? and it drives. me. insane.

what am i to do with "tell henriette i hope she feels better"?

i won't feel better for MANY, MANY years.

but maybe, it's the best they can do. i try to see it this way, but it still breaks my heart.


some friends have dropped by the wayside, yet others have risen up. with light that infuses me. angels i adore.

the best thing i once learned in yoga was to release all attachment, and honor your body. droplets of wisdom that have stayed with me.

pearls. crystals. they sparkle deep within my soul.

it's the little things that stay with you. but as i've said before, they are really not so little after all...

stay with me along this journey...

i am not perfect, and i need you angels.

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