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Sunday, April 5, 2009

C'mon, C'mon...

It struck me that my last entry was rather heavy duty.

My times do weigh heavy upon my soul, but there's always room for a giggle....

And recently there smeared a smile from ear to ear upon my face...

Let me paint you a picture.

Age 40. Riddled with side effects. Moon face, skinny frame, finger fungus, inconsistent cycles and constant apathy.

Still, I found myself at the gym; determined and strong...

So mirage like, before me there appeared a vision.

He was Brad Pitt/Zac Efron like. (Hey, my husband rewinds Heidi Klum commercials).

Compliments abounded.

"You have a Renee Zellweger thing going. Looks good on you".

My heart soared...but that was before I remembered my favorite comedienne (Kathy Griffin) called her a puffy asian crack whore...


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