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Thursday, May 26, 2011


may 25th. 03:50 am. los angeles, california.

oh, that ominous sound. shrieking vibrations startling us awake...

but for me, nothing was more startling than the news that travelled through the wires; thousands of miles away...

expected. painful. surreal.

every now and then, you meet someone who exceeds your expectations. someone who lives life like a child; experiences everything as if it were for the first time. and surprises and inspires with their positivity, determination and utter joy...

someone who teaches you how to live; without preaching, but rather through the grace and power of example...

even at age 91.


jeg elsker dig...


  1. Chassity McIntyreMay 26, 2011 at 6:12 AM

    XOXOXO Hen, sorry for you loss...
    "I know for certain that we never lose the people we love, even to death. They continue to participate in every act, thought and decision we make. Their love leaves an indelible imprint in our memories. We find comfort in knowing that our lives have been enriched by having shared their love. Leo Buscaglia"
    I thought this would help you to feel some extra love today...

  2. I am so sorry for your loss, my friend. I was also very touched by the joy and the love in every one of these photos. You were both lucky to be so loved by each other and by the other folks in your lives. xoxo

  3. I am so very sorry for your loss.
    - jmm

  4. Henriette: I'm so sorry! She was such a big part of your life and we enjoyed listening to all your stories about her. I'm sorry you both couldn't see each other since you were so sick. But that love really traveled thousands of miles to be with both of you. <3 you