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Thursday, November 13, 2008

The lighter side of things...

A girl and her hubby walk into a Staples store to do a bit of photocopying. She's been a little, uh, preoccupied , of late. Not attending to the "girly" side of life. She neglects to shave her legs, pluck her brows. Quite frankly, ever since she chopped her hair, she barely ever picks up a brush. But, this, this is just pushing it...

Or was she pulling it?

An uber-friendly employee proudly sporting the quintessentially "joe-job" polo-t, comes bouncing over to the ex-red head, now blondie girl. She disconcertingly calls the girl "Ma'am".

"Ma'am"..."Ma'am! When did this happen?" (But that's another blog...)

She leans in to the girl, a giggle on her lips, the gleam of scandal in her eye.

"You have a stream of toilet paper hanging from your pants"...

This is what happens when your husband falls in love with his IPHONE...

(When in doubt, blame the spouse...)


  1. I surprised the iphone wasn't smart enough to tell you about the TP.

  2. my hubby is in love with his iPhone, too! I will look over at him and he is looking at that iPhone!!