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Saturday, November 8, 2008

And the hits just keep on coming...

How I wish I was talking about the tracks on The Killers new album "Day and Age".

OK. I got my recent blood results.

My blood pressure was up (a sign of kidney function loss), my hemoglobin was below normal (a sign that my kidney can't produce enough of the necessary protein) and my BUN was 44 (high end of normal-25).

But greater than all of it, my creatinine was 2.9. (The high end of normal is 1.4). When I hit 3.5, I will go on a national donor list.

Am I scared? YES. Am I pissed? Hell, yeah.

I believe this to be a long road ahead, filled with uncertainty and fear.

But I have so much support, and I lean on all of you to get me through this. Your words inspire and comfort greatly.

I am adamant about sticking to my celebration of my 40's. I've made it this far, so who knows what's ahead down Henny's path?


  1. Damn! I hate those numbers but I love your attitude. Sending much love your way - xoxo