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Sunday, January 1, 2012

how to make a sobriety quilt

under fingernails find filthy, bloody; clutch jagged edge of cliff,
detritus is flying, coughing, spitting; sharp throbbing hit.
down below a vacuum lingers, widens, echoes with your sometime fall,
no, girl, thin whisper galvanize, one day you'll stand, stand tall.

this new year's eve i was dry.

on borrowed time, like a brittle branch in a whipped, wind ferocious, i am ready to snap.

stitching pieces step, by step, i long to swaddle in the quilt of surrender, so that i may find calm. peace. serenity.

[willpower will break you...surrender will break you open...]

so maybe next new year's eve i will be sober.

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