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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

the real world

i admire my husband very much for the delicate tightrope of diplomacy he walks while shooting his clients.

he balances right wing republican propaganda, moving quickly past disgusting omissions that clients have had to "get rid of their dogs" because they shed...or ridiculous information about the canadian health care system, i.e. "death panels"; like a fucking pro.

again, i admire this dude.

but he's keeping the peace. understanding that neutrality is the strongest foundation upon which to build a strong business...

but, as for me...

one benign day, i came into the kitchen while kevin was editing in his office, mid-shoot. i introduced myself to his client and explained, "yes, i used to act, but all i can focus on right now is staying healthy"...

with a puzzled expression he asked, "oh, really? that's all you're doing?"

insecurity immediately pricked my hackles skyward. and like a bloodhound, i instantly sniffed out a challenge.

and so i explained that i had between 10-15% kidney function remaining; 22 years+ post renal transplant and would soon, most likely, be on dialysis.

his response, with a titled head and condescending look was," YEAH, i'm not really a FAN of dialysis...but everyone has to pursue their own journey..."

you've heard the term "my blood boiled", right?...well, consider my bloodstream a river of fire...

'member, the bugs bunny cartoon characters with steam pouring out of their ears?...well, picture the road runner with red hair and chubby cheeks...GRRRRRR....

["reign it in, henriette, reign it in..."]

it was all i could do not to rip this guy a new one; a 52 year-old man who was still bitter about his parents' decision to have his tonsils removed at age 5.

dude, cut the cord.

but, soon enough, i realized what a phony he was. admittedly "unclear" about what exactly the kidneys do, he still recommended a certain juice that could "cleanse" my organs. what he couldn't seem to grasp, is that when your kidney's filters are irreparably broken, they cannot do their job any more. and that condensed juices actually put MORE strain on a faulting organ. and as your kidney function decreases, the need to strip your diet of toxins that come in the form of "healthy" alternatives, increases.

but this guy, was clueless. and i had to ask myself why it bothered me so much.

primarily, i think it was his insinuation that i was blindly following doctors' orders, without an independent thought to guide me.

how dare he assume i had never looked into alternative therapies? acupuncture? chiropractic? healthy eating? exercise?...audacious, to say the least.

there is a quote that floats around, "ignorance is bliss...", i beg to differ. ignorance is insulting, destructive and insidious.

i am always blown away by a person's ability to judge a situation from an ignorant perspective.

DUDE, do you KNOW i am currently on 20 different prescription medications? drugs i have researched, discussed with my doctors and accepted as more beneficial, than harmful to the extension of my life. and do you think i accepted that blindly?

["this ain't my first rodeo, cats"...]

this has been my journey since age 13. and my transplanted kidney remains my proudest accomplishment.

but, what i have realized, is that people believe what they need to believe in order to justify their decisions.

but, hey, one day, a "slam, bam, thank you, ma'am" health crisis will hit YOUR family; and you will have $15,000 in medical bills. and you will finally get that everything can't be willed away by a glass of kale juice...

do i wish that pain on anyone? nope.

but, do i wish people could think outside the box? yup.

so, join me here.

in the real world.

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  1. That is so frustrating. Some people just don't get it. If there was some magic elixir to make it all better, you would have taken it already! And if there is, pass some around. I'm tired of being sick and the people I care about being sick.