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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

shooting the shit...

when i was in toronto last month, my friend s introduced me to an interesting website. www.jeffharris.org. i believe this is the story. harris is a professional photographer who was documenting his life with one picture, every day. somewhere along the way he was diagnosed with bone cancer, and his photos took on a new and unexpected poignancy. i find his site compelling, so much so that it inspired me to do the same.

it's no secret that i have felt lost and unfocused for some time now. i am hoping this experiment will provide me with a creative outlet. i am certainly an amateur photographer, but my intentions are pure. i am trying not to think about what i shoot, rather, authentically respond to my day. how my body feels, what kind of mood I am in, what i had for breakfast, the state of the world...ya know. stuff like that.

but filling my creative void is not my only objective. i suppose my objective is also to reveal my underbelly. the every day henriette. the truth of my life. often sick, swollen and tired. naked of the hour-long hair and makeup regime, that i relish, that soothes, but deceivingly masks my reality. but maybe that's just a different reality. ah, but there i go again. doing what i just said i didn't want to do. getting in the way of myself.

so here we go. clean slate. empty palette. deep breath.


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