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Sunday, October 25, 2009

it's the little things...

there are some pictures that are worth a thousand words, and others that need a bit of explanation. back in 1992, i was a recent theatre school graduate, working at the shaw festival with gobs of enthusiasm and a healthy dash of 23 year old cynicism. one day, i flounced into rehearsal in one of my many floral print dresses that i had a fondness for.(thankfully, i have outgrown this prairie girl phase). fellow thespian wendy thatcher, the much admired, husky voiced talent remarked on my wardrobe. "why, henriette, don't you look lovely today". sighing heavily, i rolled my eyes heavenward and pronounced "i guess it's the little things". i have told this story countless times; if only wendy knew how significant, how poignant her words were to me. "you know what henriette, it really is the little things, because there aren't that many big things". there was no bitterness, no sadness, just pure generosity of spirit. and the wisdom that her pearls offered me.

and for the past 17 years that exchange has resonated like few others.

and so, i try every day, to find something to laugh at, a reason for a smile to tickle my lips. and if that means...photographing-my-husband-in-some-random-corner-of-a-holiday-inn-hotel-room-in-san-diego-that-seemingly-has-no-other-purpose...i'm going to do it. and i'm going to laugh. and i'm going to look at it again in the view finder. and i'm going to make him pose again. and we're going to laugh. 'cause all those little things, make one really BIG thing.

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