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Sunday, September 7, 2008

Mixed Bag of Nuts

A mixed bag, my results, they were...

The good news was that my cholesterol is normal. HIP! HIP! HOORAY! Must have been a previous funky result. So no more pills.

My creatinine, however, was 2.7 (high end normal 1.4), despite the increase in my drugs. The tag "Let's see how much you can tolerate", was disconcerting at best. I was hoping the increase in my drugs would result in better results. In addition, I need to hit Cedars this week for IV iron injections. My kidney is simply not absorbing iron due to its compromised function. UGH. I hate IVs. But I guess it's all part of the journey...

I am currently nursing a migraine. And I must confess, I am quite drained by all the side effects.

I know things could be worse, and I feel incredibly grateful to the 26 people willing to be tested for me when the time comes. How lucky am I? I think about them every day...

Kevin and I sponsor a child in Bangladesh, and I often think of his trials. Despite the ridiculous health care system in place in the US, I feel incredibly lucky that I've had such amazing doctors (incl. Canada) along my medical path.

We should never take our lives in North America for granted...

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