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Saturday, February 20, 2010

house of pain

insidiousness is the migraine.

it swirls throughout the head; an uncontrollable tornado that decimates the strong.

awake from dusk 'til dawn; desperate for unvisited relief. i twitch and writhe, a demon possessed. clinging to the life raft of an all too brief respite. the welcome ebb of throbbing pangs underscored by the insistent, returning flow of unspeakable misery.

cerebral, searing knives on an unforgiving mission.

["gimme shelter"]

a slice of humble pie inflicted upon the strongest souls. trapped in a locked metal cage; this key tossed far away into the vast desert sand...


hysterical digging; a sandstorm incurred; nails broken by pebbles and sand. horizontal rest impossible. my head filled with blood; my neck dense like desert stones.

["reel me in and cut my throat"]

but with clinging droplets upon my chin; i sigh. gazing within; profound reflection.

oh, how breathy waves through the trees stir wonder within...

meant to be on this path; my universal destiny. pain and suffering - pervasive. oh, how i long for my vanished dreams; a pain free, graceful existence.

a weakened body; but a soaring soul. will you come with me to my mountainous peaks that inspire? swim with me down the river of babylon. compassion paddles this boat; navigating the waves that drown; conquering the rapids...

["ye-eah we wept, when we remembered zion"]

and each day, i breathe in and out, in and out. in and out.

and with deep breaths and open hands; i hold my heart close and attempt to smile.

go forth and endeavor. with a body still mine.

still mine.